March 26, 2008

Let's Look What's Inside!!

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I just received a mail from Mead Johnson EnfaMama Club. I have joined the MamaEnfa Club as Free One-Year Membership since February 2008 through my friend, Mazura. So, as membership, we entitled to free subscription of club's quarterly newsletter and participating in redemption programme where we can collect points through Mead Johnson products and then redeem for the gift item of our choice. These is the second mail I got from EnfaMama Club. So, what's inside??

It's a booklet of a Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy and A Bright Baby, a good guidance for parenthood.

A free sample of EnfaMama A+* which contains 2 packs of 50g reduced fat powder milk (vanilla flavour) which contains high folic acid, calcium, iron and also Choline and DHA to help support expecting mother's nutritional needs during pregnancy

Complementary "Pregnant Mom On Board!" car sticker. So, I can stick it on rear window of my car.. To let people know that the pregnant mom is driving the car.. So, beware.. hehehe...

The brochure of EnfaMama A+* and a checklist for guidance to help mother make a preparation to pack a few necessities for mother and baby before delivery

March 23, 2008

Visiting New Baby

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Last Friday afternoon, Me & my collegue have dropped by to see Wani (my staff) at her house in Taman Lestari Perdana, Seri Kembangan, to see her first new born baby boy. She is still under confinement period (28 days).. Her baby's name - Muhammad Haziq Fikri

Kiut kan si Haziq Fikri... He looks like her mummy

Sedapnya dia tidur.. Mata tak tutup rapat..

Take chance to hold the baby.. My turn will be on May 2008.. Jeng.. jeng.. jeng..

March 17, 2008

I Lurve My New Maternity Blouse...

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I just got myself a new brown flowery cotton maternity blouse last 2 weeks and she lurve it so much.. Can you guess where did i get this cute blouse from and how much does it cost??? Modern Mom? Mother Club? Jaya Jusco? Parkson? Nope..... This is actually a maternity dress custom made by my very talented dearest friend Zura. She really can sew especially for girl dress.. So far, she has sew a lot of cute dress for her lovely cute daughter, maya and also her friends' daughters.. I was so impressed how the dress she made turned out to be...PUNYA CANTIKK... I was so excited till can't wait to test it on!! I just send her by post a material and ask her to design and sew it for me.. Feel that want to send her a few amterial to make me a blouse but then I'm afraid she can't make me blouse in short time.. Maybe other time, if a have a daughter I should ask her to make cute dress for my lil daughter.. hehehe.. siap ko Zura...

Front view of the blouse

With lil brown rose buds in the front to embelish the brown satin ribbon

Me with cute maternity blouse.. The blouse just fit to my body..

Back view, with ribbon tied at the back (Siap angkat tangan lagi..)

Azira sudah gila post.. Dari pandangan sisi pulak..
Anyway, Thanks Zura...

March 13, 2008

My 29th Weeks Pregnancy

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This morning I have an appointment at Hospital for maternal check-up. Now I'm in 29th weeks of pregnancy.. During the check-up, it shows that my baby is fine and ok and doctor found that it's a baby boy.. Insyaallah..

Week 29 of Pregnancy...

The baby is 27 weeks old. The baby measures about 26cm (10½ inches) from crown to rump and weights about 1.25kg (2½ lbs). The baby countinues to fatten up as his brain and organs carry on growing. This soft tissues show up clearly on a magnetic resonance image (MRI) scan, which use magnetic fields and radio waves. He doesn't have as much room now so he can't show off his acrobatic skills, but he's still managing to stretch and kick you from inside. (Hmmm.. I've already feel my baby kick me very actively..)

The baby's brain is growing so quickly that the soft skull bones are being pressed outwards, and his head is now in proportion to the rest of his body. His brain is looking more wrinkled as it gets faster and more powerful, building up connections between nerve cells. his brain can control his breathing and body temperature. His eyes can move in their sockets, and he's becoming more sensitive to light, sound, taste and smell. Through the wall of the uterus he can tell the difference between sunlight and artificial lights.. (Dr. Anne Deans - Your Pregnancy Bible)

March 12, 2008

Azira's Restaurant???

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"Waaa Azira... You now a businesswoman hah? Sudah ada restoran sendiri laaa... Why never told us... " These are the quotes from my friends.. Haiyaa.. I sendiri pun talak tau I sudah ada restoran maaa.... hehehe.. Actually there is restaurant named RESTORAN AZIRA & BRIYANI AZIRA which were located at Section 10, Shah Alam.. And it's not my restaurant!! I just spent my time with my collegeue yesterday at these restaurant to order a few pieces of Lempeng for our beloved General Accountant for the meeting next Monday. Lempeng is his favourite food. Restoran serves authentic Johor style dishes and changes its menu on daily basis. Nasi beriani, ikan rebus, pecal, laksa Johor, asam pedas, sirap bandung with selaseh seeds are amongst their specialties. Their bubur pulut hitam, bubur caca jagung, bubur kacang hijau and lempeng ubi will definitely end your meal with a sweeter notes! Sodap...
Restoran Azira & Briyani Azira were located in the same row of shop lots with the same owner
Lempeng Pisang
Me with Lempeng Ubi n Kelapa
Eat Nasi Lemak with Air Asam Boi

Me at the front of Briyani Azira.. (It looks macam tauke restoran plakk.. Ada BMW lagi.. Fuyoo.. A successful businesswoman.. Hehehe...)

March 7, 2008

Hottest Cover

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Hottest Issue.. Sungguh Laris Di Pasaran.. Hehehe..

Family Trip To Genting Highlands

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On 24th February 2008, me and family have a family trip to Genting Highlands. We parked our cars at OneUtama Shooping Centre and took bus to Genting Highlands. The price was RM38 nett including of bus fare from OneUtama to Genting Highlands Bus Terminal (to n fro), cable car from bus terminal to the top of Genting (to n fro) and also the pass for outdoor and indoor park. The promotion price for OneUtama until 31 March 2008. It seems that everyone enjoy theirselves at Genting Highlands.. Very nice entertainment place in Malaysia.. Lots of fun and games there..

Me and my lovely hubby in cable car..

Me and my lovely hubby at the view of Outdoor Theme Park

The View of Outdoor Theme Park

My Father and mother in law enjoy riding the Water Ride

The Post At London Bus

Me and Lovely Girl, Baby Batrisyia. She also had fun here evethough she's still baby..

My Lovely Family

I'm Back..

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Hiii... I'm back after a long break... Its' quite a long time i did not update my blog.. Feel lazy to update the blog.. Teruk betul!! For today, azam baru, I would like to update my blog from time to time with latest info @ news..

Well.. my latest info.. Now I'm 7 months (28 weeks) pregnant.. Badan pun sudah kembang... Wait for another 8 - 10 weeks to deliver the baby.. Everything for baby have been prepared earlier.. Me n hubby cant wait for our first baby born.. But until now, I've not yet scan to see either my baby is girl @ boy.. But most of my friends and relatives said that it's a baby girl!! Anyway, maybe next week I'll see a doctor to scan my baby..


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