June 20, 2008

Photo of The Day

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Photo taken while my charming prince sleeping last night.. He's so cute.. Sayang anak mummy..

Here Comes Mr. Postman!!

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Yesterday morning I received the pos ekspres mail from Kota Kinabalu ... From my best friend, Jurra for the very cute handmade baju melayu and booties for my prince, Danish. Last month I send a material to her and asked her to make white theme baju melayu together with booties for Danish to wear it during majlis cukur jambul. Thank you very much Jurra.. You are very talented person.. I'll send you more another material for baju melayu for next coming hari raya. Hehehe...

June 16, 2008

Danish Turns 1 Month Old

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Danish is 1 month old today! Can't believe how fast time flies.

It was like just yesterday when he was born...
Weight : 2.38kg ; Height : 48cm

and within 1 month he turns into this!
Weight : 3.43kg ; Height : 53cm

And I am still learning to be a mother.. Being a mother is really a tough full time job. It's like a routine. Mandi, tukar lampin, nenen, dukung, nyanyi2 and tepuk2...It's tiring especially when you're doing it all by yourself. I'm lacking in sleep day by day. It's tiring having to wake up 2 to 3 times in the middle of the nite to give him nenen, or change his diaper.. Sometimes tu penah cakap dengan Danish "Bila laa anak mummy mau tidur ni.." or "Danish, tolong la sayang.. mummy mengantuk ni.." But I know this won't be long. He's growing really fast and I'm really going to miss these moments later...

Supprising... Danish sudah pandai tidur secara mengiring dengan sendiri.. This picture taken this afternoon..

Anak daddy..

Danish with daddy.. Picture taken this morning before daddy going back to KL.. Danish still tidur.. Syiok dia tido kat daddy..

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