October 4, 2007

Baby Batrisyia

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Isn't she cute??? Cute kan dia... Eventhough she's botak, she's still cute.. Eeee... geramnya...
This is Baby Batrisyia.. Her fullname is Nur Batrisyia bt Bakhtiar Annuar. She's the third child and 1st daughter of my sister-in-law. She's 5 months old.. She's my sweetheart, buah hati i, penghibur hati i, intan payung i.. I luv to play with her coz I luv her very much. Every week I must makesure that I can see her, see her smile, hear her voice, everything about her... Everyone in my family like her very much... And now, my new hobby, everytime I went shopping, I must look after her clothes coz all the dress for baby girls seem so cute and adorable...

I'm Pregnant!!

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I'm going to be a MOTHER!! I'm so excited that I'm pregnant.. Alhamdulillah... Thanx a lot to Allah swt.. Yesterday afternoon I went to clinic due to my late menstrual and the Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) shown the +ve result, I'm pregnant! It just 6 weeks and the Expected Delivery Date (EDD) is on 28 Mei 2008 (Insyaallah..) .Fuiii.... I'm so nervous, excited and speechless bila dapat good news yang ditunggu-tunggu selama ni.. Well, doa dan harapan kami suami isteri agar kandungan ini sentiasa sihat dan kuat serta dijauhkan dari sebarang masalah sehingga dapat melahirkan bayi yang normal, sihat dan sempurna serta comel .....

October 3, 2007

Weekend Walkathon

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Saturday, 29th September 2007 was fun yet tiring for me.. Me together with my mother in law and sister in law had non-stop shopping at KL. The trip from morning till late evening. We started our walkathon from Kuang to Jalan Tuanku Abd Rahman (TAR) by KTM comuter. Expectedly, there was a lot people along Jalan TAR especially at SOGO Shopping Complex where the Muslims with their families took chance looking for baju raya, tudung raya, kasut raya, langsir raya and other stuffs for coming Hari Raya.. (Al-maklumlah.. masing-masing dah gaji...). Ibu mertuaku pun tidak ketinggalan shopping baju raya.. The wheather was very hot and i felt so thirsty (dah la puasa... nasib baik iman kuat.. sedap pulah tengok orang jual air..). We walked along Jalan from SOGO to end of Jalan TAR looking for better choice of baju raya.. Thats causes my leg muscle pain... but trying to control ayu all the time.. I just bought 1 set of "balang kuih raya" at SSF Home Deco Mart..
(no photos taken at Jalan TAR coz forgot to take photo, busy for looking baju raya...)

At 4.00 pm we moved to Midvalley Mega Mall by KTM comuter to attend ouf Family Gathering, Majlis Berbuka Puasa with my hubby's big family at Cititel Cafe, Cititel Hotel. My beloved hubby blanje... hehehe.. Before buka puasa, we continue our shopping agenda at Midvalley Mega Mall to fill the time.. I just bought a pair of shoes (sandals) at Hush Puppies to replace my 'selipar'.. (Banyak sgat berjalan sampai tapak selipar pun sudah nipis, causes pain at my feet)..

At 6.30 pm we went to cafe, looking for our table reserved by hubby and also looking for the foods.. There was a variety of food and beverages served by the cafe. Nampak macam sedap... Our parents, sis and brothers busy taking the foods for buka puasa. Sampai meja "full house", full with foods.. I just took mata kucing syrup and sate as a starter coz i felt so tiring, no feel to eat, i just need water, water, water.... See my face below, muka penat gilerrr...

Kecian Baby Batrisyia, my sister in-law daughter.. Have to stay in stroller while the family busy having foods.. "Anak mama sayang tido ye.. mama, papa, wan, atuk, nak makan.."

We went home at 9.30 pm.. Masing-masing sudah kenyang and penat... Time to rest...


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