March 17, 2008

I Lurve My New Maternity Blouse...

Posted by Azira at 8:37 AM
I just got myself a new brown flowery cotton maternity blouse last 2 weeks and she lurve it so much.. Can you guess where did i get this cute blouse from and how much does it cost??? Modern Mom? Mother Club? Jaya Jusco? Parkson? Nope..... This is actually a maternity dress custom made by my very talented dearest friend Zura. She really can sew especially for girl dress.. So far, she has sew a lot of cute dress for her lovely cute daughter, maya and also her friends' daughters.. I was so impressed how the dress she made turned out to be...PUNYA CANTIKK... I was so excited till can't wait to test it on!! I just send her by post a material and ask her to design and sew it for me.. Feel that want to send her a few amterial to make me a blouse but then I'm afraid she can't make me blouse in short time.. Maybe other time, if a have a daughter I should ask her to make cute dress for my lil daughter.. hehehe.. siap ko Zura...

Front view of the blouse

With lil brown rose buds in the front to embelish the brown satin ribbon

Me with cute maternity blouse.. The blouse just fit to my body..

Back view, with ribbon tied at the back (Siap angkat tangan lagi..)

Azira sudah gila post.. Dari pandangan sisi pulak..
Anyway, Thanks Zura...



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